A1 Studio

A1… a sheet…the half square meter that follow the architect through the education course...a whole life!

A1… a highway…the 'autostrada del sole', the Milan/Naples axis, that connect two completely different reality but unified by the millennial cultural treasure that both have.

A1…an idea…the idea that two young architects have to make their own professionalism available to improve people's life by the design of spaces, thought and built around mankind.

Whether we talk about workplaces or home life, the purpose of A1 Studio is to be the means and the tool for the realization of the ideas of those who want to live a space that resembles them, being able to put the feelings that the client wants to obtain from an environment or from his own house into a creative gesture and concrete realization.

Jacopo Bevilacqua and Aurora Restucci are born and formed at the two extremes of Italy: two different cultures that find their point of union in the passion for architecture and the sea, and that makes them meet during the master in Yacht Design that both attend the Politecnico di Milano in 2011.

Both come to this important experience after going through what will be their professional characteristics.

Jacopo, Architect, Milanese by birth and by character, meticulous and careful, solid and scrupulous, hides a creative soul but with seriousness. After graduating from the Politecnico di Milano, he works in prestigious Milanese atelier focusing on retail. Working for influential clients, learned to experiment by the use of precious and technological materials, without ever forget the architectural requirements.

Aurora, Architect, Neapolitan by birth and Milanese by adoption, wanders between an explosively creative soul and a construction site technician mind. After graduating from the Federico II of Naples, she began his professional life as a freelance. Strongly convinced that a well designed space can improve everyday life and relationships between people, bases her professional research on the domestic space and on the total management of the interior renovation project, improving her ability to make concrete the thoughts of those who involves her in their own domestic dream.

From 2017 they put their different careers together in a common path, enhanced by the ability to manage the aspects of architectural design from the preliminary design passing through the execution of the works to the administrative and economic management of the construction site.

A1 Studio today works towards to be a creative, technical, and administrative support that guide the clients through the different phases of a project, residential or commercial, starting from the project through the coordination of the technological, structural and architectural aspects, up to the management of the building site and relations with the public administration.



//Barche il mensile internazionale della nautica (Italian Yacht Design Magazine), Kraken project - Dicember 2011


// The 3rd Lotus Prize for Design, Innovation and Application, Merit Prize of Equipment Design Category, GreenDay project - 2012